Far Infra Red Light Therapy

V-Mat Biomat Amethyst Device is a unique therapeutic device which produces FAR infrared rays. These rays are used to create heat which has been scientifically proven to penetrate up to 7 inches into the body. This process is commonly known as thermotherapy. Thermotherapy using the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device has helped many people feel better and increase well being.

New research tells us that Far Infra Red rays can help elliminate unwanted toxins whilst nurturing the bodies healthy cells similtaneously. But very often its difficult to find room in our homes for large infra red light saunas. The V-Mat Biomat offers an accessible way to enjoy thermotherapy at home.

Exposure to Far Infra Red Light Thermotherepy can help increase body temperature V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Devices use Far Infra Red Light . This is the technology that NASA identified as the safest and most beneficial light wave, the very one used to grow plants in space.

How Does V-Mat Biomat Amethyst Device Actually Work? The V-Mat Biomat produces far infra red light heat. This heat is amplified through a layer of up to 28LBs of amethyst crystal. The amplification allows the heat to enter deeper into the body heating core body temperature on a very deep level. Heat is essential for the normal functioning of the human body. This internal temperature must be maintained so that pH can be regulated, cell voltage optimized and that the body can be healthy and disease free. The overall normal body temperature varies from a minimum of 97.7° Fahrenheit (36.5° Celsius) to a maximum of almost 99.5° Fahrenheit (37.5° Celsius). The core body temperature of a human body is an important factor, which is always why it should be considered while evaluating the health condition during a checkup.

What is FAR Infrared Light? FAR Infrared light energy is part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight. But it is the part that humans and plants need to live and thrive. During treatment with the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device, FAR Infrared light penetrates through the skin and enters the subcutaneous tissue of the body. There , it has a thermal effect which encourages blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, increases detoxification through the skin. In this way, FAR infrared light energy promotes circulation and heat and greatly increases the metabolism leading to weight loss through the release of toxins. FAR infrared light energy has been used and developed by NASA to grow plants and support life in conditions where living things would never survive. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, the Nobel Prize Winner who is well known for this discoveries relating to Vitamin C, believed that healthy energy rays from the sun has a profound effect on our health That would include far infra red light.

By producing deep-penetrating, FAR infrared rays , heat is transferred deep into amethyst crystals which then radiate the heat deep into the body cells at the molecular level. The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device produces FAR infrared rays of light that penetrate six or seven inches deep into the body, warming all the cells of the inner organs and body tissue evenly. The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device is covered with layers of amethyst crystals. Amethyst is known to be the very best conductor of this type of energy. It allows the FAR infrared light to travel deeper into the body better than other known method.

Why is Body Temperature Important?
Abnormally low body temperature can indicate or be a symptom of the following diseases and disorders :Addison’s Disease, Diabetes, Drug/alcohol abuse, Hypothyroidism, Infection, Kidney failure, Liver failure, Sepsis or infection, poor circulation and other diseases.

Dr. David Jernigan says, “Much emphasis in conventional medicine is usually placed upon feverish conditions; however, a low body temperature can be a much more sinister condition. Where a fever can be viewed as an active developmental and corrective process of the healthy body, a low body temperature can never be viewed as a normal or healthy condition, nor is it a mechanism for a learning or developmental process in the body. The colder a body becomes, the slower the electrical oscillatory rate and therefore the thicker, more viscous, or syrupy the body fluids become. The more viscous the fluids become the more difficult it is for the body to push the fluids through the body. The lymph fluids that are normally supposed to bathe the outsides of all of your cells become progressively stagnant as it is too thick to move efficiently.”

“A low body temperature creates a happy home for viruses and chronic infections, and is a sign of degeneration and gradual cellular death. The problem with a low core temperature is that no effective immune response can be mounted therefore no fever is generated and infections go undetected. The sickest person is one who gets the same infections but never miss a day of work because there is no response by their immunes system, so they have a false sense of wellness as healthier individuals go through healthy fevers and immune responses that may cause them to miss work. Low body temperature is the plague of the 21st century. People with low body temperature have a weak reaction to even the most ideal medicines and therapies,” continues Jernigan.

What Is The V-Mat Biomat Made Of?
The V-Mat Biomat combines Far Infrared Rays with pure Amethyst crystal results in a deeply soothing relaxing treatment, possibly the best and most advanced way to receive far infra red light in your home. The V-Mat Biomat contains up to 28LBs of amethyst crystal which are selected for their "super conductor" properties of FAR infrared Rays. Scientists experimented passing far infrared light through a variety of substances, including various gems, glasses, and plastics. Amethyst was found to be the only substance which clearly changed the spectrum of infrared light. Some researchers propose that the addition of the amethyst allows for greater increase in the utilization of the light by the human organism.

Who Is The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device Suitable For?
Those who wish to improve the following conditions, may benefit greatly from regular 40 - 60 minute sessions using the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device at home or in a recommended treatment centre such as those found on this website.

  • - Stress
  • - Age related conditions
  • - Reduce Pre Menstrual Symptoms
  • - Menopause
  • - Emotional States
  • - Feeling Down
  • - Restlessness
  • - Bowel Function
  • - Circulation
  • - Menstrual Cycle Related Issues
  • - Indigestion
  • - Hot Flushes
  • Why Is Amethyst Crystal Considered A Healing Stone?
  • All stones have a physical property. For example jade feels cold to the touch even if weather is warm. Amethyst has the physical property of being an excellent "radiator" or "amplifier" of energy. That means heat energy too. So it has been selected for use in the biomat because it radiates the far infra red light deeper into the body.
  • Does the Biomat Balance  Chakras and Vital Energy? For those who work with or have an understanding of energetic healing treatments such as reiki, massage, acunpuncture or yoga, an appreciation for the vital energy systems means that such practitioners often choose to use the V-Mat Biomat to create balance and harmony in the body before and during their treatments. That is why the Biomat V-Mat is so popular with energy healers and natural practitioners of all types.
Can I Use The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device At Night Time?

Yes, you will feel rejuvenated , renewed and restored deeply after a 40 minute session of V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Thermotherapy before bedtime. Please check the instructions carefully. It is advisable to switch off all electrical devices before sleeping.

"I recommend V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Thermotherapy as part of my Vitality Living Method® programme, a programme designed to create a body that is uncomfortable for disease to live. I believe all therapist should now be offering this in their treatment rooms." Frances Flânerie | Director | Vitality Living Method®


"In the Hydra Facial, hyaluron, collagen and peptides are pressed deep into the skin using cooling jade rollers, all while lying on a V-Mat Biomat, a heated mat of amethyst which sends infra red heat seven inches into the body. Modern thinking is that this heat can ease PMS, boost metabolism, poor circulation and increase wellbeing. The effect is calming and niggly aches were gone and our skin was less puffy, calm and clear ". Tatler, Magazine, Jan 2016

Can I Use The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device On Children?

Yes, you can help children to sleep better and avoid night time waking by allowing them to lie on the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device for a 40 minute session before bedtime.It is advisable to switch off all electrical devices before sleeping

How Does The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device Benefit Your Health.
What Happens When Core Body Temperature Decreases by 1 Degree?
  • - 36% of the immune function declines
  • - 12% of basic metabolism declines
  • - 50% of enzymatic activities decline

How Does V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device Thermatherapy Benefit Your Health

It enables you to increase core body temperature in an accessible and comfortable way. When core body temperature is decreased by 1 degree your body becomes weakened and more vulnerable to illness. This type of body temperature change relates to core temperature over a long period of time, not the type of temperature change that you might meet in by walking on a cold day. But if you feel cold all the time, you should consider taking action to improved your core body temperature.

What is FAR infra red thermotherapy?

The V-Mat Biomat is perfect addition to spas, salons, treatment rooms, clinics, wellness centres and holistic treatments. As a V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device provider, your contact details and website will appear on the clinic listings page of this website for 12 months FREE of charge. Contact V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device Ireland to begin providing V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Thermotherapy in your area today.

FAR Infrared Rays is a part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV rays. In Asia and Europe it has already revolutionized health and beauty products.


Far Infrared ray light is a form of light energy form the sun. The energy is ESSENTIAL & BENEFICIAL for all human beings.

  • - Relieves minor muscle pain in areas where applied
  • - Reduces stress and fatigue
  • - Soothes and relaxes
  • - Increases blood circulation in areas where applied
  • - Eases minor joint pain, and stiffness
  • - Supports the immune system
  • - Minor muscular back pain
  • - Relief of joint pain associated with arthritis
  • - Relief of muscle spasms
  • - Improved sleep (if associated with pain relief)
  • - Relief of joint pain and stiffness
  • - Increased tissue oxygen (due to increased circulation where applied)

far Infrared Rays Boost Biological Function Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Prize Winner and the discoverer of vitamin C, believed that all energy from the sun has profound effects on us. His research showed that light can literally stimulate the body’s basic biological functions.

Become a Registered V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device Provider

With the increasing awareness of the health benefits of FAR Infrared Thermotherapy, many practitioners are now adding V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device Thermotherapy to their list of treatments. When you purchase a V-Mat Biomat and you are already a qualified health practitioner, you will receive a free 12 month listing on this website. This will list your treatment centre, spa, hotel, gym, beauty salon, wellness centre or holistic practice and will allow clients to find you in your area. The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device is very often used by practitioners such as accupuncturists, reiki, natropaths, kinesiologists, colonic hydrotherapists, physiotherapists, beauty practitioners, spa owners, healers, reflexologists, bio energy workers, yoga practitioners and crystal healers.

To book an appointment, you may contact a V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Thermotherapy provider on this website. If you wish to purchase a V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst, call us on 0871973984

Where Can I Find V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device Far Infrared Thermotherapy?

Many therapists, spa owners, gyms, hotels, beauty salons, wellness centres and holistic practitioners are now upgrading their treatments by replacing electric blankets with the sensational V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst on treatment couches. This warming healing amethyst mat is becoming popular with 5 star spas and hotel relaxation areas because it instantly adds an extra dimension of pampering and luxury and results in a superior experience for your clients.

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  • - Massage Therapists
  • - Beauticians
  • - Yoga Practitioners
  • - Physiotherapists
  • - Sports Therapists
  • - Acupuncturist
  • - Reiki and Energy Therapists
  • - Complementary Therapists
  • - Councillors
  • - Reflexology Therapists
  • - Hynotherapists
  • - Colon hydrotherapists

Any treatment where the client can be made more comfortable through the application of warming heat and soothing deep penetrating infrared energy. Not recommended to be used for those with pacemakers.

The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device is now available in Ireland with FREE delivery throughout the country for a limited time only. The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device can take 6 weeks to arrive due to stock and demand. However they may be instock. If you wish to discuss the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device with a representative in Ireland, please call us on 087 1973 984.

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2. Complete payment online or via bank transfer using bank details on the order form.

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