Sellers Policy


As a consumer, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions relating to the purchase of a V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst. By purchasing the item, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Please read the website carefully to ensure that you are familiar with the details surrounding your V-Mat Biomat

Return Policy

As the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device weighs a substantial amount, shipping and transport costs are substantial. Therefore, the items cannot be returned unless the cost of shipping is paid for by the buyer.

Please read the website carefully to ensure that you are familiar with the details surrounding your V-Mat Biomat

V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Branding

V-Mat Biomat© Bio Amethyst is not associated with any other Bio Amethyst Mat company. The brand and logo V-Mat Biomat© and Vitality Mat are unique to this product to ensure it is not confused with any similar devices or product on the market.

Delivery Time

Please allow 3 - 8 weeks for delivery of your V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethst. Once paid for in full, your V-Mat Biomat will be delivered to your home or office directly. Price for delivery may vary outside of the republic of Ireland. Any customs or excise costs due on the V-Mat Biomat may or may not be requested by the delivery company on arrival at your home. This MUST be paid for by the receiver.


Because the V-Mat Biomat is made to order, it is not possible to offer a refund. All payments are non-refundable. The V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst will not be shipped until the item has been paid for in full. A copy of the sellers policy listed on this page can be emailed to you by request once you have placed your order and paid in full.

Contraindications. Cases For Which V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Far Infra Red Light Thermotherapy is Not Recommended

Do Not Use If you Have Silicone Implants Or Pacemaker

Please avoid usage if you have a pacemaker in place.Prosthetics are artificial devices that replace injured or diseased body parts. These devices can be worn on the outside of the body or surgically implanted. Prosthetics are made of a variety of materials and may serve a cosmetic or functional purpose, or both. If you have a prosthetic implant in your body including silicone implants or pacemaker, please check with your GP regarding its suitability to FIR.

Keep Hydrated and Do not apply creams or lotions during your treatment

Keep hydrated by drinking at least 1 pint of water before and after exposure to Far Infra Red Light Thermotherapy using the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device. Lotions or creams may stain the V-Mat Biomat. It is best to avoid them as they will be removed by perspiration and may aggravate the skin.

Perscription Medication. Please Consult Your GP Regarding Safe Use of Your Medication With Far Infra Red Light Thermotherapy

Those who are using the following medications should avoid exposure to Far Infra Red Light.

Steroids, corticocosteroids, diuretics, warfarin, aspirin,anti-histamines, barbiturates, and beta-blockers. Those who have been diagnosed with Addisons disease, lupus, MS, internal infections or are experiencing fever should avoid usage. A recent joint injury should not be exposed to Far Infra Red Light for the first 48 hours or until the swelling reduces. Menstrual flow may increase temporarily as exposure to far infra red light increases blood flow. Hemophilliacs and those with a diagnosed bleeding disorder should avoid usage. Some pain, dizziness and skin itchiness may occur. These are normally signs of detoxification. However, if pain or any symptoms appears to worsen, it is advisable to discontinue usage. If you have cancer or are under medical supervision from a doctor, please ask for their consent before using Far Infra Red Light Thermotherapy.


As with many treatments, it is recommended to avoid V-Mat Biomat Thermotherapy during pregnancy or breast feeding. Although exposure to far infra red light using the V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device may increase fertility by helping to remove the underlying conditions of toxification , poor circulation or low body temperature, it is not recommended to continue once pregnant.

Recent Surgery

It is advisable to cease all treatments for a number or weeks after surgery to allow wounds to heal. As the V-Mat Biomat increase circulatory blood flow it should not be used until all visable wounds are healed and stitches removed.

Instructions for Usage