V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Settings

Standard Size V-Mat Biomat

Full Size 175cm x 70cm Massage Bed Size

Easy To Use Dial Control

Temperature Control 30-70 degrees C

European Standards

European Standard Energy Supply

Amethyst Crystals

High Quality Amethyst Crystals

Recommended By Health Experts

Found in leading clinics throughout Ireland

Increase Your Wellbeing At Home

Your health is your wealth and it is everyone responsibility to ensure that we keep our bodies and minds healthy by undertaking activities that reduce stress , fatigue and increase wellbeing.

V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Thermotherapy allows you to enjoy the benefits of Far Infra Red light in your home. It is easy to store and use and does not take up space. It folds away for ease of use and is an ideal addition to your home for all the family to enjoy and benefit from .

How To Use V-Mat Biomat Bio Amethyst Device

Remove from the brown satin carrying case which is provided for easy storage and portability.

Plug the device into the wall. Allow 10 minutes for the device to heat up. Place a towel or disposable paper over the device if you wish to protect the material. Lie back and allow the soothing far infra red light to ease away your cares. Recommended temperature setting depends personal preference. This is different for everyone. If it feels uncomfortably hot for you, reduce heat by twisting the dial. Not recommended to be left on all night. Use for 40 minutes before sleeping and switch off. The recommended exposure session is 40 minutes daily or as preferred.

  • Far Infra Red Light Thermotherapy May Benefit:
  • Body & Skin detoxification
  • Circulation
  • Metabolism
  • Anxiety/Mood
  • PMS
  • Stress
  • Joint & Muscle aches